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Scamorza “appassita”

Scamorza appassita is a cow’s milk pasta filata cheese. Seasoned version of fresh scamorza, it is characterized by its strangled shape and by the seasoning that gives this cheese a thin straw yellow color crust. Inside you will discover a cheese with a soft, compact consistency, with a delicate and delicious flavor. It can be eaten as it is, accompanying salami and taralli, or cooked in the oven in a bowl.

Manteca “Burrino”

The “burrino” Manteca is one of the typical specialties of Southern Italy and in particular of Puglia. It is characterized by being a shell of scamorza pasta with a real heart of butter. This cheese, like burrata, comes from the need to properly store butter. By cutting the manteca you can prepare yourself to taste a butter with an unusual flavor, unique in its kind that finds its best expression on a slice of hot bread.

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